Cody Jinks Gives His Best Hurricane Storm Reporter Impression While Delivering Florida Show Update

Cody Jinks country music
Cody Jinks

Making the most out of a sh*tty situation.

While Hurricane Idalia rages across Florida, Mother Nature has little regard for the scheduled shows this week. One of which is Cody Jinks.

While venturing down to Florida and driving through the thick of the storm while still optimistic about their gig happening, Jinks stepped out in the storm for a show update.

Suited in his best trash bag poncho and trash sack to cover his head, Jinks was ready to deliver some news.

“Special edition Cody Jinks here. We live in Orlando, Florida, where you can see it is still coming down…barley…but it is still coming down.”

Jinks continues on his “weather report,” noting that if fans do not have to get out on the road, they should not.

But then goes on to note that he has hope the show at The House of Blues will not get canceled as this is a make-up show for a previously canceled show, ironically also for rain.

“This is a make-up situation from a few months ago…it was also raining a lot. Not quite to this magnitude, but still…

We are playing tomorrow night, and we are desperately trying to get the entire band and crew here so we can hopefully see you later.” 

Live music waits for nothing, and it seems like Jinks and his team are hopeful Hurricane Idalia has fully passed through Orlando for them to play.

Jinks gets major brownie points for the creativity in this tour update.

If he ever decides to stop chasing music, he should look into a meteorologist career.

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