Arizona High School Football Game Delayed Because A Horse Peed On The Field

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When it comes to college and high school football, tons of schools are known for their pregame traditions before leading the team out onto the field.

You have the the University of Colorado, where they run out with a live buffalo onto the field. There’s Oklahoma’s “Sooner Schooner,” where the cheerleaders ride a wagon around the field.

Florida State has Chief Osceola, the Native American who rides a horse out to midfield, but these are just a few of so many examples of badass traditions in college football.

And of course, there are so many in high school that it’s impossible to count or know them all.

However, as awesome as these traditions may be, they don’t always run as smooth as expected for every single home game…

And just take this example for instance.

This hilarious scene went down when ALA Queen Creek took on Saguaro High School in Arizona this past Friday.

According to Bro Bible, before kickoff, ALA Queen Creek ran a horse named Patriot out to midfield for the National Anthem.

But, it appears that ol’ Patriot might’ve been just a bit too hydrated, because it proceeded to urinate all over the logo at midfield.

And to make matters worse, the game was delayed for a brief amount of time because a kid (who I’m assuming is the team ball boy or something) had to run out to midfield and scoop up the pee with a shovel so players didn’t have to roll around in it.

Arizona sports reporter Nick King said the kid had to make two trips just to get it all up.

That’s one way to kick off a high school football season…

Check it out:

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