Modelo Surpasses Bud Light As America’s Top-Selling Beer After Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

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Its been a long past few months for Bud Light, after they struck controversy after making transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney the face of their brand.

We’ve seen a ton of people boycott the brand, including country artists such as Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, John Rich from Big & Rich, Riley Green, and Brantley Gilbert.

We’ve also seen the countless pictures and videos of the Bud Light section in grocery stores, bars, restaurants, festivals, sporting events, and more left nearly completely full.

Bud Light attempted to back track on their decision, as Anheuser-Busch launched a couple of ad campaigns targeted towards their original demographic such as blue collar workers and country music fans, but the damage had already been done.

In fact, it made matters even worse because the LGBTQ community began to boycott the beer after they tried to back track on their decision, with a number of bars removing the beer completely.

So, it’s been a t-total sh*t show for Anheuser-Busch, to say the least.

And it just keeps getting worse: Bud Light is no longer America’s best selling beer, as its been surpassed by Modelo.

According to CBS News, Anheuser-Busch sold $297 million worth of Bud Light for the four weeks ending May 28th, which was a 23% drop from this time last year.

Modelo Especial ranked number one in May, with $333 million in sales, a 15% increase from 2022. Of course, Modelo is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev everywhere except the United States, where it’s owned by Constellation Brands… so, not exactly the middle finger to Bud Light that folks were hoping for.

Dave Williams, vice president of analytics and insights at Bump Williams consulting told the outlet:

“Unless Bud Light starts to experience a serious course correction in terms of performance, which can only come from consumers finding their way back into the brand family, then that firm grip on the No. 1 rank by year-end loosens a bit every week.”

I guess we’ll see if Bud Light is able to save themselves as the summer months are officially here, or if they’re already too far gone.

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