Coyotes Ravage Hunter’s Fresh Buck In Texas: “Hadn’t Been Dead 3 Minutes”

Deer hunter loses kill to coyote
Tim Wells

Coyotes will steal your lady if you aren’t careful…

Buck Meddley from the Tim Wells Bow Hunter show was hunting in South Texas when he got a first hand taste of ravenous coyote behavior when a free meal presents itself.

While on a bow hunt, two deer passed in front of his blind. He made a great shot on the buck, hitting him in the vitals, which caused him to bolt.

But, while Buck was still processing the shot, 4 coyotes appeared out of the nearby trees, shooting across the field in the direction the wounded buck took off in.

Buck immediately knew what would become of his most recent kill, but still tried to go find him before they did too much damage.

Unfortunately, he was much too late.

“Dude, that’s crazy. If you think you’ve got bad coyote problems, South Texas has got it worse.

This deer hadn’t been dead 3 minutes and the coyotes already ripped out his intestines… Look at that hole, half his hindquarters already gone in 3 minutes.”

These thieves are quick…

While widely considered a nuisance animal, there’s no denying they are some clever, tough, and wiry animals that deserve a little more respect than they’re given.

Well, I may just be saying that because they’ve never stolen by buck… I’d probably think differently after that.

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