Bison Makes A Run Straight At Tourist’s Car In Yellowstone National Park: “Oh My God”

Bison charges car at Yellowstone national park

My palms are sweaty…

Yellowstone National Park has long been the ultimate place for people from around the world to see many of America’s greatest wildlife attractions, from bears and wolves to elk, moose, and the majestic American bison.

At one point as many as 60 million bison roamed the western rangelands of the US, and while we all know of the devastation early settlers made to the species which took the number to less than 1,000, their ranks have stabilized due to intensive repopulation efforts from the National Park Service and various state’s Fish & Wildlife departments.

A healthy 30,000 currently live in conservation herds around the country and the species is no longer designated Endangered.

American bison check in at a whopping 6 feet tall, 12 feet long and top the scales at up to 2,800lbs, which is about the weight of a Toyota Corolla, yet we’ve seen no shortage of people getting way to close to these beasts and almost paying the ultimate price.

Pretty much every person understands that bison are large, but maybe this latest video of one halting traffic by charging down the road puts that size into perspective.

Wallace DeYoung is a wildlife photographer and natural history historian who was touring Yellowstone Nation Park with his wife a few weeks ago when they were forced to stop their car in the middle of the road for two bison who didn’t seem to care much for traffic patterns.

One of the bison in particular seems to enjoy the pavement and took off directly at Wallace’s car and he had just enough time to get out his phone and capture the intense video, showing just how scary a charging bison is.

Very good work keeping their calm too, as both he and his wife didn’t panic and the bison pulled up short, deciding not to ruin their car.

Stay wild out there.

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Eerie Footage From Yellowstone Captures Massive Wolf Wandering Through The Night

Hate to have that thing come after you…

Yellowstone National Park might just be the most incredible place in the entire United States.

No matter what time of day you go, what time of year… you’re always bound to see something incredible. Whether it’s bear, elk, wolves, or bison, you’re getting a front row seat to the best that American wildlife has to offer.

Siddharth Gandhi was able to catch an incredible moment on video (in 2017) when a massive grey wolf wandered onto a two lane road in Lamar Valley at Yellowstone National Park. His video racked up over 11M views to date.

This thing is a BEAST… I mean, it looks like a dire wolf straight out of Game of Thrones.

Equally as majestic as it is terrifying.

Check it out up close… nature is a beautiful thing.

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