New Jersey Police Issue Hilarious Warning After Fish Mysteriously Falls From The Sky, Causes Massive Power Outage

New Jersey police fish
Sayerville PD

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs,” but have you ever heard of it “raining fish?”

For one New Jersey town, they know all about it, and even had their power knocked out because of it. A fish that fell from the heavens landed perfectly on a transformer, and somehow caused it to malfunction and short out. Authorities in the area believe that a bird flying above with the fish must have dropped it, and it miraculously landed in the wrong place at the exact right time.

The Sayreville Police Department posted to their Facebook about the incident, telling residents:

“There is a large area of Lower Sayreville without power. Jersey Central Power and Light is reporting a fish was found on a transformer. This FISH destroyed the transformer! How did a FISH get up there???

We have a hypothesis. We are guessing a bird dropped it as it flew over. Power should be out for a few hours while repairs are made. Only in Sayreville folks, only in Sayreville.”

Sayreville, New Jersey is about 30 minutes down the road from New York City, and located near two bodies of water in the Raritan Bay and Raritan River. I know two things about the town after this whole thing: they are susceptible to weird, fish-caused power outages and that their police department has a fantastic sense of humor.

Once they got the power up and running again, they updated the story with a fish-fry joke:

“UPDATE: Power restored and lunch is served.”

The power outage lasted around two hours and caused over 2,100 people to go without power while they worked to fix it. All because one bird accidentally dropped a fish right onto a transformer, destroying the thing entirely. Sounds like we might need to look into strengthening or protecting these transformers if they are that easy to take down…

And like I mentioned before, this town’s police department might be the funniest in the country (if that means anything). After the power outage was resolved, they put out another hilarious post about the fish victim and the “suspect at large” that Sayreville residents should look out for:

“Todays power outage was a major inconvenience for so many of our residents. Please let us not forget the victim in this senseless death. Gilligan was a hard working family man. He was a father to thousands of children.

The suspect was last seen flying South. If you see him do not try to apprehend him. Although he isn’t believed to be armed he may still be very dangerous. If you have any information in this case please contact Detective John Silver, who handles all of our fish cases.”

Love the suspect sketch.

Only in Sayreville (I don’t actually know that, just repeating what they said earlier)…

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