Vince Gill Debuts New Song “The Whole World” With Incredible Performance At The Grand Ole Opry

Vince Gill country music
Grand Ole Opry

A songwriting mastermind.

Vince Gill is no stranger to the Opry stage.

Since becoming a Grand Ole Opry member in 1991, Gill is a mainstay in the historic circle and one of its most beloved members.

Gill has spent his summer popping into the Opry, meeting some of the new faces of country music, and sharing his talent with the audience. His informal residency, it seems he had over this season at the venue, makes it the perfect stage for sharing new music.

During a recent appearance at the Opry, Vince treated the crowd to a performance of some unreleased music, his newest single “The Whole World.” And wow… it’s powerful.

While the whole band is playing on the tune, two acoustic guitars and a steel are the shining stars of the melody.

The song’s message takes listeners through many historic events our country has seen over the years. While some listed were tragic, to say the least, our nation was able to rebuild, forgive, and continue to grow stronger.

However, through it all, today it feels as though everyone is so divided.

“It feels like the whole world,
Has got a broken heart
We sure could use a brand-new start
How the hell did we wind up
So far apart?”

Gill continues the message by noting that love and kindness is the only way to bring everyone together. Noting it is okay that people have different views, but we are all humans breathing the same air, so there is no need for hatred.

The simple melody allows for the words that Gill sings to shine. The audience is captivated by the tune’s start and listens intently to each word.

During the last chorus, Gill feeds the audience each line, and they sing along, holding their flashlights up in the dark room.

The Opry perfectly put into words the power of Gill’s songwriting:

“The audience took in “The Whole World” like hearing one of the hits for the first time. Everyone in the Opry House loved this new one.”

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