Moose Dives Headfirst Off Rocky Cliff, Just Swims Away Like Nothing Happened

Moose dives off cliff
Alyssa Hewlett

Ok, I didn’t know moose could dive?

And even though this chap did, I still don’t think they do. I can’t imagine it was very graceful either, moose aren’t exactly known for being graceful…

This event took place of the island of Newfoundland on the eastern coast of Canada. Moose in Newfoundland have no natural predators and have become so abundant in the area that they are literally a nuisance. A nuisance animal that large leads to some pretty interesting interactions.

And this is one of them.

A bull moose can be seen standing on the cliff edge looking like its contemplating life. The people taking the video are out in the bay on a boat driving up by it.

The cliff is steep and the moose must not feel like it can make its way back up to the top safely.

As the people gets close to him he takes a few good steps and leaps for his life. Sprawled out as far as he can be the moose goes head first downwards. It looks awfully close to the rocks and is the strangest sight ever.

But to everyone’s surprise, the moose pops his antlers up above the water and starts casually swimming back to shore… like nothing happened.

I thought he would be completely down for, and really, he still could be. I do hope it gets back to shore somehow and is okay.

That dive tops the scales for moose though, I don’t think we will see one compete with it anytime soon.

Wisconsin Hunter Finds Remains Of Whitetail Buck Who Chased A Doe Right Off A Cliff

A buck in the rut knows one thing and one thing only… chasing does.

It’s the one-time hunters have a slight advantage on these incredibly intelligent animals. Hoping they will slip up and make a mistake out chasing a woman.

There are certainly a few parallels between humans and nature. This is one of them. Although men might not be this extreme, I’ve seen some fellas make some stupid-ass decisions thinking they’re going to get a chance with a woman.

Never seen a man chase a woman off a cliff, though…

This poor buck did.

Our man is filming on a beach, I believe in Wisconsin, off the coast of Lake Michigan, looking up at a large cliff. He notices an absolutely beautiful mature buck dead on the ground and goes over to check him out.

He’s standing there wondering how on earth a buck this old, mature and smart made the decision to leap off of this cliff. Then he realizes.

“There’s another deer up here, I don’t see any horns. It must’ve been a doe and he was in the rut”

Sometimes it doesn’t take too much to figure out what went on.

That is the only real explanation for something like that to occur.

This is why we need to think with our heads fellas…

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