Ernest Hilariously Says His St. Louis Stage Fall “Has Done More For Me Than My Music Has”

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Austin Collins

The fall heard around the world…

ERNEST taking a tumble while in St. Louis still makes me giggle. Not at the pain that was so clearly inflicted as his face nearly met the guard rail, but because he played it off so damn well.

I mean, I would have been LAID out for a hot minute if I had taken a fall like that, so the fact he bounded back up like nothing happened is so impressive.

There are thousands of quotes out there about the importance of being able to laugh at yourself, and Ern embodied that fully during this. He even made the fall the highlight of the show’s recap reel… a cinematic move if you ask me.

@ernest Lil weekend recap…. Im a survivor. #FYP ♬ Cowgirls – Morgan Wallen

Since the show, he continues to make light of the situation, doing flips on stage and telling fans:

“I’m quick like a cat, and I’m agile, and I’m healthy, so we are good to go. 

While at Watershed Festival in Washington state, Ern was asked about the fall again during an interview.

This time he was asked to compare his fall to his country music colleague, Conner Smith.

“Where does his fall rank on epic falls next to yours?”

The interviewer asked him:

“I think there is probably a five or six million difference, so that’s where it ranks.”

And he chuckles as he notes his fall is more iconic.

“That was an iconic fall, and it definitely has done more for me than my music has. So good, let’s go. 

You have to fall to rise up.” 

@itsgabemercer What #ernest ♬ Me To Me – Morgan Wallen

While the clip is more than hilarious, cut yourself some slack, Ern… you have a list of heaters under your belt.

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