Ernest Takes A Tumble Off Stage In St. Louis, Shakes It Off And Bounces Right Back Up

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ERNEST has been on the road touring with Morgan Wallen for his One Night at A Time stadium tour, and he’s clearly feeling the energy from these absolutely insane crowds.

Well obviously Ern and Morgan had a massive hit with “Flower Shops,” so there are plenty of roses to go around at these shows – including when Ernest tosses some out to fans.

But unfortunately ERNEST may have tried a little too hard to match the crowd’s energy during a show at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

The up-and-coming superstar was signing roses to throw at the end of his set when he put a little too much on one of the throws – and got a little too close to the edge of the stage.

ERNEST takes a tumble right off the stage and into the metal barricade surrounding the fans.

Now, this might be enough to stop some lesser men. But Ern is clearly built different, and bounces right back up, triumphantly climbing on top of the barricade to raise his arms in victory (and prove to the crowd that he was ok).

What a champ.

(And I’m glad he’s ok. He might be feeling that one in the morning though).

Several of Ernest’s fellow artists chimed in on his impressive performance in the comments, like Riley Green:

“Pure athleticism”

And Parker McCollum:

“Holy shit”

And Connor Smith with a hall-of-fame pun:

“Fallern solider”

And even Morgan Wallen commented on his tourmates athleticism:

“Stuck the landing”

Regardless, Ern put on the perfect display of how you take your licks, shake it off, and get right back up.

(Of course he may have had some substances before the show that kept him from feeling it right away, but I’m not here to speculate on that. I report, you decide).

@lexi1sm We came to morgan wallen and ernest fell off stage. Hope hes ok#ernest #morganwallentiktok ♬ original sound – Lex

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