Megan Moroney Proves That Nice Girls Always Win In New Music Video For “I’m Not Pretty”

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“But hey, whatever helps, keep on telling yourself I’m not pretty…”

I love everything about the sass in Megan Moroney’s current country radio single “I’m Not Pretty,” and today, she released a super cute new music video for the song.

It stars Meg in a dual role as the both the protagonist and the jealous (brunette) new girlfriend, ya know, the one who “double tapped that spring break throwback from 2016 in PCB…”

Throughout the video, you see the vastly different lives of the two characters, with Meg having all sorts of fun times with her friends and pink everywhere (which I personally loved), and her nemesis burning cakes and looking pretty dang miserable most of the time.

This also Megan’s first time co-directing a video, which she did alongside Jeff Johnson, saying that she cast all of her real-life friends which made filming all the more fun:

“I’ve had a creative vision for the song since I wrote it and I am so excited that I was able to co-direct the music video.

I casted my best friends in real life to be in it and thought it was really important to portray the difference in the nice girls that seem to mind their own business and the mean girls who spend all of their time tearing down others.

Moral of the story- nice girls always win! I hope my fans love the video and it continues to become the empowering anthem it is.”

Amen to that…

From her debut studio album Lucky that was released earlier this year, “I’m Not Pretty” was written by Meg along with Ben Williams, Mackenzie Carpenter and Micah Carpenter.

She calls out her ex’s new girl for stalking her on Instagram and putting her down based on the small snippets of her life that are advertised there (which you’ll also see in the video), though she’s never met her before and doesn’t really know anything about her.

It’s a great, funny, pretty tongue-in-cheek portrait of mean-girl behavior that I think we’ve probably all unfortunately experienced at one time or another, but she sure does make it sound fun.

It’s my personal opinion that pink just makes everything better, though…

You can check out the new video here:

The acoustic version of “I’m Not Pretty”:

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