Megan Moroney Releases Acoustic Version Of Next Country Radio Single, “I’m Not Pretty”

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David McClister

I think this version needs to go to country radio…

Megan Moroney is sending “I’m Not Pretty” to radio as her next single, after her fan-favorite viral hit “Tennessee Orange” went #1 back in June, and today, she put out an acoustic version of the fan-favorite.

From her debut studio album Lucky that was released earlier this year, the song was written by Meg along with Ben Williams, Mackenzie Carpenter and Micah Carpenter.

Meg calls out her ex’s new girl for stalking her on Instagram and putting her down based on the small snippets of her life that are advertised there, though she’s never met her before and doesn’t really know anything about her.

While I don’t typically love songs that overly-reference social media or the petty nature that comes with it, there’s something really relatable and authentic about the way she wrote this one that I can’t get enough of:

“I bet one of his friends let my name slip again
And it sent you down a rabbit hole spinning
Now you know I sing, know my sign, know my drink
Size me up in a matter of minutes
Did you mean to double tap
That spring break throwback from 2016 in PCB”

I mean, I think we’ve probably all been on both sides of this situation, unfortunately, if we’re being really honest…

And of this new stripped-back version, Meg says that she hopes the acoustic production will allow more room for people to really hear the story and meaning in the lyrics:

“As a songwriter, I’ve always loved the stripped-back version of songs.

I feel like people are more likely to pay attention to the lyrics and I think it’s a pretty funny story. I’m excited to have this one out.”

A girl after my own heart… I couldn’t agree with her more.

Check it out:

The studio cut:

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