Luke Grimes Releases Beautiful New Duet Version Of “Hold On” With Foy Vance

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I am so here for this pair.

Luke Grimes released a new duet version of his single “Hold On” today with Foy Vance, who is a co-writer of the tune along with Ilsey Juber.

Foy is a singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland, and was someone Luke wanted to work with from the time he started working on this whole country music endeavor.

The two were actually supposed to get together for a writing session in Scotland, but after that didn’t work out, “Hold On” was pitched to the team and he of course loved it.

It’s actually one of only two songs that Luke didn’t co-write for his forthcoming debut record (which has yet to be officially announced), though he says it has quickly become one of his favorites from the project.

Grimes, who you may better know as Kayce Dutton on the hit series Yellowstone, added that he was thrilled to have Vance be part of his record because he’s one of his favorite songwriters:

“‘Hold On’ has become one of my favorite songs on the (upcoming) album.

Foy Vance is one of my favorite current songwriters and although he and I couldn’t get together in person, I knew I wanted him to be a part of this album.

He had this song that had not been cut and I immediately fell in love with the words; I felt so connected to it. It’s a familiar feeling, the fear of falling too deeply for someone because you could ultimately get hurt.

I think it’s a universal feeling for anyone who has had their heart broken.”

Vance says it was an honor for him to join Luke on this reimagined duet:

“I was so happy to hear that Luke had cut ‘Hold On’ for his debut album and then equally honored to be asked to duet it with him.”

Their voices sound great together, and they have a similar tone that works beautifully on this duet.

Grimes just continues to work with top tier talent in terms of his writers and producers for this project, which features the great Dave Cobb at the helm as producer.

And I’ve said it before, but I am loving his process for this whole record so far, because it comes across like he is really taking this endeavor seriously, and honestly, seems to really have what it takes to pull off going from an actor to a real deal country artist as much as anyone ever has.

Stay tuned and make sure you check out the duet version of “Hold On” while you’re here:

The original version of “Hold On”:

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