Fisherman Jumps Into The Water & Gets Smacked In The Face By Goliath Grouper

man slapped by grouper

Most anglers dream of reeling in the “big one,” but not many fishermen (and fisherwomen) dream of getting smacked in the face by their big catch.

You may think that fish aren’t all that smart. I know I’ve always been told that goldfish have a memory of three seconds, and if you use that as some sort of motivational tool, more power to you… but that’s actually not true. Fish actually have great long term memory, and their advanced cognitive abilities allow them to have intricate social relationships.

Their intelligence also allows them to defend themselves when they feel threatened. If you’ve ever thought that a fish’s flopping seemed calculated (like in this clip of a bass nut-tapping a guy), there may be something to that. And the bigger the fish, the scarier it is when it decides to fight back.

There might not be a more intimidating fish than the Goliath grouper. These massive sea creatures can grow to be eight feet long and some have even weighed in at over 800 pounds. And it’s not just size that they bring to the table. Goliath groupers are known to be more aggressive fish, usually due to the species being very territorial.

You might as well nickname the thing the “Enforcer of the Sea,” because its proved time and time again that it deserves to be respected (and avoided). If you don’t believe me, go ahead and look at this video of a grouper snatching away a 5-foot shark, or this other scary clip of a Goliath grouper trying to bite the head off of a scuba diver.

Apparently this guy, a popular fishing influencer who is known as “Hood Fishing,” decided to jump into the water to try and unhook the big fish. Needless to say, that was a huge mistake.

As soon as the guy made contact with the grouper, the fish showed off it’s intelligence and tail-whipping ability. The footage switches to slow-motion right before the tail makes contact with the guy’s face. I can’t imagine how bad that must have hurt, because it still looked really fast in slo-mo.

Prepare to see a man get his you-know-what whooped by a fish in the video below:

In other news, Hood Fishing, whose real name is Rasheen Bailey, was shot this past week in Fort Myers, Florida. According to witnesses, someone in a Ford Expedition fired rounds into oncoming traffic. Bailey was struck and swerved off the road, hitting a truck in the process.

He’s expected to make a full recovery:

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