Barracuda Devours Lionfish Right Off Fisherman’s Spear

Jeremy Twogood

That’s a wild one.

Spearfishing alone is pretty rad. Anyone who is willing to swim down to the bottom of the ocean and hunt fish with a spear gun must be a pretty rad dude.

Then throw a fish like a barracuda into the mix and it gets even more interesting.

Barracudas are one deadly ocean predator. Known for their lightning-fast speed and razor-sharp teeth, these beasts take what they want more often than not.

Barracuda’s use their fast speed to ambush their prey, going up to 35 miles an hour. They then grip on with their mouth full of sharp teeth and end the fight pretty quick.

This is not the fish you want chasing after your kill.

Unfortunately, this spearfisherman came across a barracuda just as he took out a fish.

As the man moves in on his catch, a lionfish pierced by his spear, so does the barracuda. In a flash, the predator snags his kill and starts to devour it.

It rips the fish clean off spear and swims away with it gobbling done bits as it goes.

I wouldn’t be putting my hand in there to get that back… the barracuda can have it.

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