Woman Gets Tossed TWICE By A Bull During A Rodeo’s Ring Of Fear

Bull riding

The ring of fear takes another victim.

This rodeo event is highly underrated, in my opinion, primarily because I’m not sure who is brave enough to sit in a ring with a bull charging at them, hoping not to get their sh*t rocked.

The ring of rear is a rodeo event that I once again had to become versed in from my roommate from BFE Oklahoma… God bless small towns USA.

A group of people sit in the middle of the arena, almost like they are sitting at a table playing cards. They let a bull loose in the ring and then starts a game of Russian Roulette, but rodeo edition.

The goal of this is not to run away, but that hardly ever occurs… I mean, there is a bull charging right at you.

This TikTok was the first time I’d ever seen a woman brave enough to sit in the circle, and damn, this girl’s got some balls.

As the bull charges at the group, she gets up to avoid being fully trampled. However, she cannot outrun the young bull, and she gets hooked, flying into the air and landing flat on her face.

The rodeo clowns start to run around the bull, and just as the woman gets up, she gets hooked again.

After the second trampling, the rodeo clowns quickly pick her up and take her out of the ring. Thank goodness, too, because it appears that the bull was circling for round three.

You have to respect the fact she was in the middle of the ring with all the men, though.

She will need something a little stronger than Advil not to feel the effects of those hits…

@jprince259 Welcome to the show cowgirl. @Luke Yancey steppin in to save the day. #fyp #bullpoker #rodeo #keithkillabrew ♬ original sound – Joseph Prince

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