Dierks Bentley Looks Completely Lost While Bra Shopping With His Daughter In TikTok Video: “We Need Your Mom Here”

Dierks Bentley

When Dierks Bentley isn’t performing in front of large crowds of fans, being banned from the Opry, or hosting CMA Fest or the NHL Awards, he’s just living a relatively normal life and being a husband and a father to his three kids.

Part of being a dad is sometimes taking the kids to the mall to buy them new clothes. And back when Bentley was in Nashville for CMA Fest, he took some spare time out of his schedule to take his daughter Jordan to go shopping.

A very nice father-daughter moment, and a trip that certainly screams “Girl Dad,” though judging by the TikTok video that Dierks posted onto his account, I’m sure his daughter probably could have used a little more help during the shopping spree.

As the video starts, Bentley and his daughter are walking through an outlet store when it becomes clear that the country star might not have been ready to help out with “bra shopping,” even though he definitely tries his best.

At one point, his daughter asks him a question as she points up to a wall full of merchandise, and Dierks answers by saying:

“I believe that’s a bra.”

His daughter fires back playfully:


The expressions that come across Dierks’ face throughout the video are priceless, as he’s clearly in a little over his head on this shopping trip. His daughter points at a clothing guide on the wall and tells her Dad:

“We need the bra tops, one of these.”

The camera then turns back around to show Bentley’s wide eyed face, who mutters:


After that, the TikTok basically shows Dierks fulfilling every man’s duty when they are “along for the ride” to a clothing store: follow along closely by and giving short, “let’s hurry this up” answers to whatever questions are thrown his way.

As Bentley and his daughter are looking for a specific kind of product, you hear Jordan in the background call to her father:

“Oh my God, Dad, I found it. Yeah, I found it.”

The “I don’t understand any of this” face that Dierks was sporting washes away, and in celebration he exclaims to his daughter and his TikTok followers:

“See? We nailed it.”

But by the time he could give a thumbs up to the camera, his daughter revealed that it actually wasn’t the right thing she was looking for, and Dierks disappointedly states:

“Oh, we didn’t find it. Okay.”

Bentley’s daughter then asks if she can get a different kind than what they were looking for, and Dierks shuts down the idea pretty quickly and decides that he needs to call in reinforcements:

“Ugh, no. Nothing lace. Okay, umm, we need your mom here. Call Mom.”

Ahh, the classic “call Mom” concession. You’ve got to give props to Dierks, because he really did try his best, but sometimes there are just certain things that you have to call in Mom for.

Take a look at the hilarious TikTok, which has been viewed almost 2 million times, below:

@dierksbentley night off from #cmafest #girldad #teenager #shopping ♬ original sound – dierksbentley

And though Bentley might not have been able to figure out the daddy-daughter shopping on his own, those in the comments were still very supportive of the country singer’s effort:

“Daughters who are this comfortable with their dads. You’re doing amazing Dad!”

“Oh man. You are brave buddy!”

“You’re expressions were comedy gold.”

“The fact that she even brought you in there is so cute.”

“‘Call Mom,’ oh this made me laugh.”

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