Crop Duster Flies Just Feet In Front Of Tractor Trailer On Indiana’s Highway 30

Crop Duster
Clifton Howard

First and foremost, this is terrifying and pretty dumb…

But my goodness does that pilot have some skills and a whole lot of guts.

Farmers don’t get the credit they deserve for what they provide to the world, but another unsung group of heroes are the pilots who drop fertilizer and pesticides on the fields from small planes to ensure crops are able to survive various pests, diseases, and uncertain weather patterns.

Well, one of these pilots was caught on video making a daring maneuver while crossing Highway 30 in Indiana and it’s taking the internet by storm.

A man named Clifton Howard captured the scary moment while driving and shared it to Facebook. The video shows the plane turning off the sprayers and making a dive just feet in front of a barreling semi-truck and under the powerlines, avoiding catastrophe by the skin of his teeth and leaving the rest of the world torn in how they feel about encounter.

Here’s a few of the comments.

“He needs another seat for his nuts”

“FAA has entered the chat”

“Great skills at play here”

“I will have to say impressive but very dangerous lol!”

“They just got bored”

“His license was written in crayon”

“Certified YEEEEE HAW moment”

I’d say I fall in the impressive but probably should try to avoid it camp. I get that some times situations arise where there’s no choice but to be a bit reckless, but my goodness if his wing clipped that truck or the powerlines it’s all over.

Regardless, this pilot’s got confidence I can only dream about (which is why I’ll just stay here and write things on the internet.)

You’re dangerous, Maverick…

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