Woman Pops A Squat And Pees In The Middle Of Spirit Airlines Flight

Woman pees on plane
Air Live

I’m fully convinced that after the sh*tshow year that was 2020, people completely forgot how to act in public…

Especially in airports and airplanes…

It feels like every week I’m reading about some psychotic nonsense someone is trying to pull in an airplane.

From people losing their minds to the point where they have to get duct taped to the seat until the flight ends, to all out brawls, a woman claiming that a “motherf*cker is not real” while onboard a flight, I feel like I’ve seen it all at this point…

But no… NOW I’ve officially seen it all, because I woman straight up decided to pop a squat and take a piss in the middle of an airplane.

According to airlive.net, this one all went down on a Spirit Airlines flight back on July 20th.

It was all caught on video, as the passenger blamed the flight attendants for not allowing her to use the restroom.

You can hear her say:

“I need to piss for two hours, you tell me you cannot, you close the doors.”

The flight attendant then says:

“Say hello to the camera for me.”

Sure enough, the woman does her business, and pulls her pants back up like nothing ever happened.

I mean, if you’re gonna get up and pee on the floor, you might as well just go into the bathroom… it’s not like they lock the doors. Also… this is SO Spirit Airlines… can’t say I’m in a hurry to ever fly Spirit again.

Check out the wild scene for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock