Kayak Fisherman Grabs Marlin Right By The Bill To Get It Near The Boat

Kayak swordfish
Fishing Obsession Co.


That does not look like the way I would want to grab ahold of a marlin. But then again, what else would ya do when you catch on from a kayak?

What’s not to love about blue marlin? They grow massive, reaching up to 14 feet long and 400 pounds. Along with that they have a super cool look sporting a massive sword on their face. They also put up an incredible fight and even jump out of the water and pull hard as you try to reel them in.

Sounds like a fun time, where can I sign up?

These fish use their long bill to attack and immobilize their prey. They quite literally have a weapon on their face.

The tip of the sword is sharp for stabbing and slashing their prey. The sides are not razor sharp, like a sword, but it should be handled with care if you are touching them, so you don’t catch a stab.

This fisherman just don’t care though.

The man is seen sitting in a kayak, holding onto the sword of his freshly caught marlin and it struggles to get away.

He has the tight grip on it as it flops around, and he does appear to have a glove on, but man… I think I’m just letting that big boy go. Big, expensive lure be damned…

Dude got that dad grip strength.

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