Hailey Whitters Will Make You Feel Like It’s 1995 Again With New Single, “Tie’r Down”

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That fiddle, though…

Hailey Whitters dropped another new single from her forthcoming I’m In Love EP, which features plenty of beautiful steel, great production, and really fun lyrics that seem to be a theme on this new project.

She previously released the title track, and her fan-favorite hit “Everything She Ain’t” will be included, as well.

And today, “Tie’r Down” is out everywhere, which she says pulls inspiration from Trisha Yearwood’s 1995 hit “XXX’s And OOO’s.”

A co-write by Hailey with Rodney Clawson and Chris Lacorte, it makes me all the more excited for the full EP:

“It’s no secret I grew up a kid on ‘90s country radio, and so when I went in one day to write with Rodney Clawson and Chris LaCorte, I was reminiscing about Trisha Yearwood’s song ‘xx’s & OOO’s.

This song is written in the third person, but there’s a lot of me influencing the character in this song. There’s dirt under my nails most of the time, and I’m much more ponytail in a ball cap than designer clothes.

One of my favorite lines is ‘she’s got a baby doll face but she’s steel toe strong’ because it says I may look delicate but don’t underestimate my strength. That line always gives me guts whenever I need to go out there and show the world what I’m made of.”

And in terms of the new project, which features six songs (including her aforementioned current radio single and fan-favorite “Everything She Ain’t”), Hailey says the concept will focus on who she is now and the journey to get to this point in her life, so it will be even more personal than her previous full-length releases The Dream (2020) and Raised (2022):

“My last two LPs were concept records – ‘The Dream’ being about my Nashville experience, and ‘Raised’ was a love letter to the heartland I’m from.

Both of these records are foundational to who I am. Along the way I’ve lived a lot of life and learned a lot about myself, and I’m excited to get more personal and straight from the heart with this next chapter.

If you’ve made it this far, you know where I’m coming from. Now I’m ready to share where I’ve been and who I am.”

Hailey most recently put out her third studio album Raised early last year, and her current single at country radio “Everything She Ain’t” is still steadily climbing the charts, well on its way to becoming a Top 10 hit that is already a fan-favorite and streaming smash by any considerable metric.

“Tie’r Down” sounds like another hit to me…

“Tie’r Down”

“I’m In Love”

I’m In Love EP tracklist:

1) Tie’r Down
2) Countryside Chick
3) I’m In Love
4) Mellencamp
5) Bad Love
6) Everything She Ain’t

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