Former President Donald Trump Defends Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town”: “Great Song… Support Jason All The Way”

Donald Trump and Jason Aldean

It was only a matter of time before former United States President, and current 2024 Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, weighed in on the song that has divided America.

Titled “Try That In A Small Town,” Jason Aldean’s latest single was actually released back in May, but the release of the music video has prompted a massive backlash that resulted in CMT removing it from the their rotation. You know, when they actually play music videos at 3 in the morning…

Why was there such a negative response from the mainstream media? The song was accused of being racist and violent, while the video features imagery of riots and looting from around the world, while Aldean sings in front of the Maury County courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee.

The Maury County Courthouse was the site of a lynching in 1927, however it has been confirmed by the production company that Aldean had nothing to do with the filming location (he also happens to live near Columbia, Tennessee).

Written by Kelley Lovelace, Kurt Allison, Neil Thrasher and Tully Kennedy, the song takes a direct shot at rioting and looting in big cities while also taking a strong stance on gun control:

“Got a gun that my granddad gave meThey say one day they’re gonna round upWell, that sh*t might fly in the city, good luck

Try that in a small town
See how far ya make it down the road
‘Round here, we take care of our own
You cross that line, it won’t take long
For you to find out, I recommend you don’t
Try that in a small town”

Artists like Sheryl Crow and Jason Isbell have taken to social media to condemn Jason Aldean, while other like Travis Tritt have defended the song’s message as one that many Americans are feeling right now.

Jason even released his own statement on the song, however, it was Ward Davis who was probably the most accurate… the song shot straight to #1 following CMT’s removal.

However, now the song has extended beyond the realm of country music fandom and into the political universe.

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who’s running for the Republican party’s nomination, jumped into the ongoing controversy, as did South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. Florida Governor and 2024 Republican presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis also came out in support of Jason Aldean, saying:

“When the media attacks you, you’re doing something right. Jason Aldean has nothing to apologize for.”

And now… 45 has come to Jason’s defense.

Donald Trump praised both Jason and the song, saying the following on his social media platform Truth Social:

“Jason Aldean is a fantastic guy who just came out with a great new song. Support Jason all the way. MAGA!”

Donald Trump Jr. also shared his support for the video:

Of course, the Aldeans and the Trumps have been friends for quite a while…

Jason And Brittany Aldean Ring In The New Year With Former President Donald Trump At Mar-A-Lago

At the beginning of the year, Jason and Brittany Aldean rang in the New Year at Mar-a-Lago.

The famous and beautiful residence of former President Donald and First Lady Melania Trump, the Aldeans have become acquaintances and frequent visitors of his Florida resort.

Of course, Jason and Brittany have been known to ruffle some feathers over their outspoken nature when it comes to their political beliefs, and have often voiced their support for the former President, so it’s not really all that surprising to see them celebrating New Year’s Eve with him.

The Aldean’s attended the former President’s annual black tie-and-long gown gala at the Palm Beach club. Brittany shared a few photos from the night on her Instagram page, calling it a “fairy-tale ending to 2022.”

You see a group shot of Jason and Brittany with former President Trump and the First Lady, as well as a few other shots with friends at the party and throughout the weekend, even one of the former President kissing Brittany’s forehead…

“A fairy-tale ending to 2022”

Of course last year the Aldeans spent New Year’s Eve at Mar Mago as well, where The Donald hilariously introduced Jason as “the #1 in the world.”

“Right now, he’s the number one in the world, he won every award last week, he won every award last year… he’s gotta be making a fortune, Brittany, what do you think?

Number one in the world… number one of what?

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