Man Wearing Jersey Of Former Georgia Football Star Aaron Murray Doesn’t Recognize QB On Stage At Tootsie’s

Aaron MUrray

There’s nothing in any sort of legal document that says this as “law,” but if you are going to be an adult and wear the jersey of an athlete, you should be able to recognize them if you were to run into them.

The man in this video, who appears to be singing or even hosting some sort of show or event on the stage of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee, somehow did not realize that the very jersey that was on his back matched up with the identity of the man and former football player dad-dancing on stage.

Aaron Murray was the Georgia Bulldogs quarterback from 2009 to 2013, and though he didn’t lead the Dawgs to an SEC Title or National Championship, the Murray led teams are looked fondly upon by Georgia college football fans. The man had some talent and could really chuck the pigskin, and currently holds the SEC passing touchdowns record, though it appears now that his football career is in the rear view mirror.

Murray is now a color commentator for the SEC Network, which explains why he is on Broadway at Tootsie’s as the SEC Football Media Days take place in the Music City July 17th through the 20th. Now how did he make it up on stage at one of Nashville’s most recognizable bars? That I do not know.

All I do know is that the singer on stage with Murray, wearing his jersey, interrupted his dancing to ask him a question:

“What’s your name, boss?”

Murray leaned down to his ear and yelled over the music:

“You’re wearing my jersey.”

The guy is completely taken back by that answer, inquisitively replying:

“I’m wearing your jersey?”

That’s when everyone in the bar started to yell at the microphone-holding man “that’s Aaron Murray,” and the whole thing finally clicked for him. Murray took it in stride, laughing it off and getting back to dancing (?) on the pink lit stage.

As for the guy with the microphone, how do you not know that’s Aaron Murray?

Sure it’s been a decade since he was at the height of his football career, but if you are going to have his jersey on (which kind of seems like a niche one to choose to wear), you’ve got to be able to recognize him.

Take a look:

The whole thing gives off big vibes of people that wear “Johnny Cash” or “Rolling Stones” shirts, yet they can’t name a single song that the artist/band has ever done…

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