Octopus Steals Diver’s GoPro Camera And Won’t Give It Back

Octopus steals GoPro
Australia Community Media

When you think about sea creatures, what’re the strangest ones you can possibly think of?

To me, it’s the octopus.

I mean c’mon, they’re some of the oldest creatures in all of the sea, they have eight tentacles with suction cups, three hearts, and a weird beak thing like a bird… it’s like it was made in Frankenstein’s lab.

Every part of that sentence is intriguing in itself, although I must admit I pray to the good Lord every day I don’t go by way of getting trapped by a massive octopus…

That’s nightmare fuel right there.

But speaking of the octopus, one diver from Jervis, Australia shared some wild video footage of the creature. Let this one be a fair warning…

If you send a GoPro down in the ocean, there’s no promises you’ll get it back.

In the footage, you can see an octopus pick up the GoPro with its tentacles.

The diver wrote in the Facebook post:

“We had an unusual thing happen today while we were snorkeling. A young guy appeared next to us and when I asked him if he was ok, he replied that he needed our help. I had all sorts of dilemmas go through my mind. I asked him what was wrong and his reply was ‘An octopus took my camera.’ 

He took us to where he last saw his camera and sure enough….there was the 8 armed ‘robber’ with each of them tightly wrapped around the GoPro.

After filming the octopus hugging his loot, I dived down and picked up the handle. He really didn’t want to let it go, so I had no choice to lift the GoPro up…with it on it. Man, he was heavy!

I wiggled the camera sideways a few times and he reluctantly let go. Poor occy made his way back to his girlfriend on the rock and sulked lol.”

As you can see in the video, the divers really have to struggle to get the GoPro free from the octopus, but ultimately were successful.

Check it out:

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