Aaron Rodgers Signs Pregnant Woman’s Belly At Celebrity Golf Tournament: “This Is The First One”

Aaron Rodgers golf

Aaron Rodgers has not shied away from the media attention in the back half of his career, and taking his talents to the New York Jets has seemed to enhance his time in front of the camera.

Though he is a little upset that his new team in New York basically got stuck with HBO’s Hard Knocks, that isn’t stopping him from having a great time out at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. And when he hasn’t been interacting with fans or getting mistaken for country music star Jake Owen, Rodgers has been showing off his impressive golfing ability.

His golf swing is a lot like his throwing motion: smooth, collected, and masterful:

And speaking of interacting with fans, you would think that the Super Bowl winning quarterback would have seen everything in his almost 18 year NFL career, but Rodgers actually experienced a first out in Nevada.

As the former Green Bay Packer (and now New York Jet, which is still weird) was walking from hole to hole during his round, a fan outside the ropes stopped him with an interesting opportunity. Right then and there, Rodgers was blessed with the chance to sign a pregnant woman’s stomach, and he took it.

At the start of the video, you can see Aaron shaking his head in disbelief as he walks up to the woman to give her his signature. People in the background are “hooping and hollering” while yelling “A-Rodge” as he puts the sharpie to pregnant belly.

And to show that he’s a gentleman, Rodgers asks the woman:

“When are you due?”

The pregnant woman laughs and responds:

“December 2nd”

Aaron smiles as he puts the cap back in the marker and says “congratulations,” to which the woman thanks him for saying so. Then things get pretty interesting, because as he is signing another fan’s frisbee, Rodgers sees another signature on the pregnant woman’s stomach and asks:

“Who else you got on there?”

The crowd roars with laughter as she says:

“Brain Urlacher, your opponent.”

Rodgers’ Packers and Urlacher’s Chicago Bears certainly had a fair share of duels in their heyday, but the quarterback didn’t seem to mind too much. Right before he walks away, he gives the lady a high five and says:

“This is the first one of those I’ve ever signed.”

What an absolute honor, and without a doubt, that baby is somehow going to become the next great NFL player because of those signatures.

Take a look at the hilarious interaction below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock