Running Of The Bulls Goes Terribly Wrong When Gate Swings Closed & Traps Participants In With Bulls

Running of the bulls

I’ve never understood why people willingly participate in the running of the bulls, and after seeing this terrifying footage, I really don’t get it at all.

Riddle me this: what is the best possible outcome when you run with the bulls? You don’t get hurt or gored by the bull. If that is how you are having fun, you can just do that all the time in normal life, but I guess running without the bulls doesn’t have the same ring to it.

If you didn’t know, the whole thing is put on as a “summertime festival.” Each year in Spain, the Running of the Bulls takes place in July for a little over a week. Idiots decide to really press their luck and run in front of and around horned beasts that could easily kill them.

If Spaniards are just looking to have a summertime festival, may I suggest some other, safer options like “Running of the Strawberries,” or an American favorite, “Running of the Funnel Cakes.” There are plenty of options for throwing together a festival and not having people risk their lives for it, but maybe that’s just what they like to do.

I’m not sure why, because this video is horrifying. People run up to a gate that is supposed to let them out into the arena when something malfunctions and the large herd of runners become stuck.

The bulls are still released though, which makes for quite the scary situation. Some of the horned animals actually stay pretty cool, and I guess it could have gone a lot worse, but things still didn’t look very “fun” for the participants.

Check out the video below, which is captioned:

“Running of the Bulls goes very, very wrong when gate prevents runners from getting away from the Bulls.”

The replies beneath the post were a little torn between being worried about the people and happy for the bulls, but a lot of them didn’t feel too sorry for the people that played a stupid game and won a stupid prize:

Good thing the whole thing is set to wrap up tomorrow…

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