Kolby Cooper Gives Killer Cover Of “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” At Casey Donahew’s ‘Boots On The Beach’

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Casey Donahew’s Boots On The Beach is officially added to my bucket list.

Sitting in a pool with a drink in hand in Mexico while listening to some of your favorite artists play acoustic sets all week; sounds like a dream.

We’ve already gotten some hilarious moments from the event, like Koe Wetzel and Casey giving their best Step Brothers reenactment.

Or Josh Abbott shaking it on the beach from last year…

@caseydonahew It’sCabo time with @joshabbottband_ #cabo #bootsonthebeach ♬ original sound – CaseyDonahew

But aside from all the fun in the sun, there has also been some outstanding musical talent.

The group put on a ’90s pool party that featured Kolby Cooper, Josh Abbott, and Ella Langley. During the pool party, Kolby Cooper laid down his best Toby Keith impression for a cover of “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.”

The snippet of the acoustic lead in the chorus sounds phenomenal, and the attendees sing every word alongside Cooper.

Nothing says “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” like a banana claw clip and Crocs…

@caseydonahewBoots on the Beach♬ original sound – CaseyDonahew

During the same pool party, Josh Abbott laid down a killer acoustic cover of “Brand New Man,” and Ella Langley jumped in to help out with the lyrics.

Abbott also has great fashion taste (cough cough, we love seeing the Whiskey Riff ’90s gear).

Casey Donahew’s Boots On The Beach looks like a damn good time, that’s for sure.

@caseydonahew Who know their 90s country? @joshabbottband_ @Ella Langley @Kolby Cooper ♬ original sound – CaseyDonahew

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