Wyoming Fisherman Watches Grizzly Bear Chase Down A Helpless Cow

Bear chases a cow
Viral Hog

Talk about a good meal for a wild animal.

I imagine that an animal likes a good grain fed cow just as much as we like a grain fed deer. It’s hard to beat the taste of some good meat that ate well throughout its whole life.

Not to mention… easy hunt.

These domesticated animals just don’t have a fighting chance against a killer like a grizzly, and that is on display right here. All they can do is run for dear life (not long and not fast) and hope that their farmer shows up to blast the grizz away before they become dinner.

However, just because the cow doesn’t stand a chance, it doesn’t make this video any less incredible though.

Grizzly bears are some of the fiercest animals out there. Absolute killers that require up to 30-pounds of food a day. It’s hard to eat 30-pounds of berries so usually it comes in the form of whatever is easiest to kill.

Unfortunately for ranchers, it ends up being cattle if there’s no one watching. There’s no agreement or license given, these beasts just take as they please until someone stops them… and let’s face it, nobody wants to get between a grizzly and good meal.

A man driving in Crandall, Wyoming on his way for a day of fishing came across this grizzly chasing down a cow across a road and into a field. The cow makes a good run but looks a bit small from distance. Upon closer inspection, both the bear and the cow are larger than they appear.

The bear literally jumps up on its back and rides the cow until it finally falls to its knees. The grizzly jumps on its neck like a kid on a snickers… and it’s game over.

The man tries honking as a last ditch effort to save the cow, but it’s no use… the bear isn’t threatened by the car and proceeds to chow down.

These predators are always cool to see in action… there’s just nothing else like them out there.

Tourists Get Dangerously Close To Grizzly Bear In Grand Teton National Park

Welp, that’s just asking for it.

Every day, nearly a million people file into the various national parks around the country, and every day, there’s inevitably a number of morons in the bunch.

Part of the thrill of going to a national park is encountering nature in a way that you never have before. Grizzly bears, bison, elk, wolves, deer… you can see a wide variety of species in parks like Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Rocky Mountain National Park, but the number one thing to keep in mind is safety.

Most parks recommend that you stay at least 100 yards from grizzly bears…. yeah, a hundred yards, the size of a football field. Why? Because if a bear decides to charge you, it’ll be on your ass in a hurry.

These are wild animals and we all need to treat them like it.

Grizzly bears are certified killers. They will shred you, bite you, and throw you around. If they get ahold of you, it will be slow and painful. The thing is… they don’t go straight for the kill, they will straight up beat the  hell out of you.

Grizzlies are generally not super aggressive towards humans unless provoked, whether it’s protection of their cubs, or their food.

The one thing they hate, like many meat-eating animals, is when something else is around their food. If you ever come across a half-eaten and buried rotten animal just get out of there as quickly as possible. It means there’s a bear around and you best believe he will do the same to you if it catches you around its food.

These tourists clearly did not get the memo in Grand Teton National Park as a group pulled over roadside to get out and watch a grizzly feeding only a few feet away. As the grizzly tears into an elk in the ditch, a crowd gathers around.

One mother actually gets her children to come closer…

The stupidity hurts.

Really, as much as I would love for these folks to learn a hard lesson about wildlife and bear safety, I still don’t want to see a video pop up of a grizzly mauling. It’s just not cool.

Don’t be like these people.

Yellowstone Tourist Saves Child From Being Gored By Bison

Play stupid games… win stupid prizes.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that getting close to wildlife at Yellowstone National Park is incredibly dangerous, for both yourself and the wildlife.

On top of that, you can face jail time for messing with the wildlife at the park.

Of course, even with the park at half capacity… idiots abound.

People choose not to listen, and are willing to risk their safety and their criminal record for the brief feeling and satisfaction of saying you “messed with an animal at Yellowstone.”

Here’s exhibit A.

According to NBC Montana, a small group of bozo visitors (with a small child) approached a bison  yesterday, and needless to say, the bison did not want to be bothered, because it charged right back at the visitors.

In the footage, you can see the bison charge two adults and a child, with one of the adults bailing on the child and running for safety. Tell me why the adults always put their kids in danger and then run away when the bison charges? Blows my mind…

Thankfully, right before the child was about to be railroaded by the charging bison, he’s lifted out of harms way by one of the other adults who seems to take a horn in the back in the process.

The bison ended up lifting the man off the ground, and it looks like it may have just got his shirt or jacket, but it’s hard to tell. He may very well have taken a nice jab to the back. Either way, hopefully it was enough for them to learn a lesson.

And of course, the two morons who left the kid high and dry are still standing around like the danger is over. Unreal…

Towards the end of the video, some genius hits the bison with bear spray, even though they’re the ones pestering the bison.

Granted, it appears they are on a designed walking path, but still… you see all the other people in the background standing very far away? There’s a good reason for that…

This could potentially lead to jail time, as a woman who tried to mess with a grizzly bear earlier this year at Yellowstone (shocker, the bear charged at her) landed herself four days in jail for her actions.

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned.

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