Do Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ New Uniforms Hint At Possible Tom Brady Return?

Tom Brady NFL

Am I really about to start up yet another Tom Brady returning to football rumor? Yes, yes I am.

The 7-time Super Bowl winning quarterback has recently said that he won’t be coming back to play football and is officially retired. However, he has also said in the past that he was done dating models after him and Gisele split, yet the entire world has been murmuring that Brady could be getting together with Kim Kardashian.

Last time I checked, she is a model, and that would mean that Tom Brady doesn’t always stick to what he’s said publicly…

Which leads me to my tinfoil hat conspiracy about the G.O.A.T. possibly coming back to suit up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I honestly feel like I have a pretty good case here. Not a great one, let me clarify that, but a pretty good one nonetheless.

Today, the Buccaneers decided to release a little offseason hype video (not as good as the new NFL Netflix show) and reveal to fans that they would be bringing back one of their historic color schemes for throwback jerseys.

I’m always here for a throwback jersey, considering that every throwback uniform is without a doubt cooler than today’s that they roll out. And I have to say, the Bucs new creamsicle jerseys are pretty badass, not going to lie.

The hype video is pretty impressive, and has a ton of cameos (including Bert Kreischer for some reason). Take a look:

Yeah, they are going to sell a billion of those things. You’ll soon be able to find them at the NFL shop, and you’ll see them whether you like it or not as the official jersey of the “frat guy.”

But getting back to the whole Tom Brady thing…

A couple of pictures from the throwback display that is already set up in the Tampa Bay team store revealed a plethora of player options, including one quarterback who just so happened to play for the Bucs in the past (?).

The post states:

“Here’s first look at Bucs’ throwback orange Creamsicle jerseys in team store — they’re selling Brady, Evans, Godwin, White and David. They’ll wear them on Oct. 15 vs. Lions.”

One of those names is not like the others…

Sure, they could just be selling Brady jerseys because they know people will buy the threads of their former Super Bowl winning quarterback, but it does kind of seem odd, doesn’t it?

Unless Brady has some football playing plans that we aren’t aware of, and he plans on wearing the creamsicle jersey himself when the Buccaneers take on the Lions in October.

Tom coming back is a long shot, but imagine how funny it would be if he was staging a surprise come back, and this is how the NFL world found out: from some guy’s pictures of the team store on social media.

And speaking of Tampa Bay quarterbacks, newly acquired play caller Baker Mayfield caught a stray with this one:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock