Tom Brady Shuts Down The Rumors Of Him Unretiring Again: “I’m Certain I’m Not Playing Again”

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Back in April, Tom Brady stirred a little bit of chatter within the NFL world when he said in an interview in front of a massive audience:

“I will say, now that I’m not affiliated with any team anymore… I do have some friends on the Dolphins I really like. I wouldn’t say I root for them all the time, but I root for my friends to do well and several of them play for Miami, so…”

Of course, this had everybody wondering if this was a cryptic statement sent from Tom, alluding to the fact that he may be backing away from his $375 million FOX broadcasting deal and suiting up in the NFL again, unretiring for the second time.

There was even speculation for a brief period of time that Brady could be joining the Las Vegas Raiders, teaming up with his former star wide receiver Devante Adams, after becoming a minority investor with the team.

I get it, we’re in the dry period of football right now and analysts and insiders have nothing better to do than turn something out of nothing because there’s nothing to talk about, but considering Brady had already unretired from the NFL one time before, I wasn’t putting it past him.

But now the future Hall of Fame quarterback is finally setting the record straight.

He told Sports Illustrated:

“I’m certain I’m not playing again, so I’ve tried to make that clear, and I hate to continue to profess that cause I’ve already told people that lots of times.

But I’m looking forward to my broadcasting job at FOX next year, I’m looking forward to the opportunity ahead with the Raiders and we’re in the process of that.

The other different things I’m a part of professionally and in my personal life, just spending as much time with my kids as I can, and seeing them grow up and support the different things that they have going on, and that’s a very important job.”

Needless to say, I think Brady is tired of people churning up the rumor mill.

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