Joe Rogan Says He’ll Leave The UFC If Dana White Ever Does: “It’s In My Contract”

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If you’re a fan of UFC, then you know that there’s a pretty good chance it could’ve been nonexistent at this point if it weren’t for Dana White.

The current UFC president bought the company back in 2001 when it was on the verge of folding, and transformed it into one of the most successful businesses in sports.

Over the past 20 plus years, White has been able to integrate new innovations and stars to keep UFC fans on the verge of their seats, and it’s gotten so popular that even people who have no clue about MMA will get excited about a fight.

Of course, one of the biggest driving factors for White that has helped turn UFC into one of the most successful businesses in sports, is his love and pure passion for it. Not to mention his no bullshit approach to managing the league.

I’m sure you all saw this viral clip of Dana regarding the confrontation between Israel Adasanya & Dricus Du Pleissis following Du Plessis’ win at UFC 290:

With that being said, one of White’s best friends and employees knows the love and passion he has for the sport first hand…

And it’s none other than Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan has been a longtime commentator for the sport, and while on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently, he discussed Dana’s tireless effort grow the sport with Matt Serra, Din Thomas, and John Rallo.

During the conversation, Rogan discussed White’s passion for UFC saying that he eats, drinks and sleeps UFC:

“Dana is like, he doesn’t sleep. He’s always going. I could call Dana and have a two hour conversation with him at 2 AM. He’s an animal. He’s always doing stuff.

He’s always involved, he always has deals, working on fights, he f*cking loves this sh*t.”

But he also added that if Dana ever left (no reason why he ever would), that he has a clause in his contract to exit his commentating gig as well:

“It’s in my contract that if he leaves I leave… I don’t want to do this for anybody else.”

That’s leadership.

Check it out:

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