Watch This Video Of People In Inflatable Bubble Balls Getting Launched By Charging Bulls

bubble bull soccer
YouTube/R. Stafford

The Running of the Bulls is actually taking place right now in Pamplona, Spain, and let me assure you that this video is not how the historic event usually goes down.

This is more of a “Bouncing of the Bulls,” though it still includes the bull running at willing (for some reason) participants. And speaking of those people, why on God’s green Earth would you ever sign up to stand out in the open and try to avoid a bull?

I’m truly confused as to why a person would say “you know, there’s not enough danger in my life, I’m gonna go stand out in front of an angry charging bull.” If I need to blow off some steam, I usually just go for a run or turn on Cops, but some people like to put their life on the line.

I don’t know the exact statistics, but I’m assuming that this “Bubble Ball” bull dodging is somewhat safer than bull fighting without any protection whatsoever. Still, the whole thing seems to be pretty dangerous, but that doesn’t stop crowds full of people from enjoying it.

A lot of the videos you will see of this “sport” eventually show the bull goring the inflatable bubbles, thus endangering the person inside. That’s the only downside of the plastic balls the people run around in. They’re pretty good at taking the brunt force of the bull, until they aren’t.

Thankfully, this compilation below only shows the idiots getting thrown high up into the air instead of being forced down into the ground (for the most part). It also lays out the rules of something called “Bull Bubble Soccer,” and to be honest, it could be the country’s next great sport.

Contestants that enter into the fenced-in playing grounds have the chance to win prize money by following a list of very simple rules:

“Rule #1: Kick the ball into the fence, win $50.

Rule #2: Get hit hardest by the bull, win $50.”

The game takes place at the Waconia Rodeo in Minnesota, and was invented to fill the time between other events. And even though it might go against all natural instincts of safety, I do have to say it is pretty entertaining.

Take a look:

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