Guy Fieri Expresses His Approval For His Son’s New Professional Pickleball-Playing Girlfriend

Hunter Fieri
Instagram/Hunter Fieri

Hunter Fieri, son of world famous food personality Guy Fieri and definitely not a nepo baby, has found love in a hopeless place: The Pickleball Court.

Hunter, who tends to pop up in a multitude of Guy’s TV shows, began dating professional pickleball player (yes, you read that right) Tara Bernstein earlier this year. And the Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives (Triple D as some call it) host has recently made it publicly known that he’s incredibly happy for his son and his new relationship.

Bernstein and Fieri are proving to be a power couple, and their names together like that also sound like a 80’s movie about two lawyers who decide to take the law into their own hands.

Hunter recently took to Instagram to post a candid picture of the two of them on the court, gushing over his newfound love:

“You mean the world to me! Thank you always being so supportive and loving. You value love, family, and loyalty, and I am truly blessed to have found someone as amazing as you! My ridaaaa, I love you baby.”

Who knew pickleball could be so romantic…

And who couldn’t be happy for the two of them? One got to rise to stardom by dedicating themselves to their craft, growing and learning in every possible moment of life, and the other is Guy Fieri’s son.

But enough of my jealous rage (yes, I wouldn’t mind if Guy was my father), all that really matters from this blossoming relationship is whether or not Guy Fieri gives his stamp of approval on the couple.

The legendary Food Network host recently sat down with People at the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen and gave these kind words about the two:

“(She has) good values and is just a really great person so I couldn’t be happier for Hunter. This is a big deal.

To see him this happy and also to see him have a partner that is as driven as he is, it’s perfect.”

Well there you have it. Guy says it is good to go, therefore it’s good to go. And Fieri couldn’t get through the interview without mentioning her tremendous, out-of-this-world pickleball skills, adding:

“She’s a pickleball machine. She plays one-against-two, and beats everybody.”

Sounds like you don’t want to match up against Tara Bernstein in the fastest growing sports in America (also the most injury inducing sport as of right now, thanks to all of the older people picking it up).

And did you really play pickleball if you don’t have the pictures to prove it?

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