This Two-Legged Fox Seems To Be Thriving In The United Kingdom

two legged fox

Let me be clear, this isn’t going to be one of those “what’s your excuse” articles, where I show you a less fortunate fox that is still going about its life and you become inspired by it.

If you happen to be inspired by it, that’s great, but all we’re doing here is showing you this fox and admiring that it is still managing to live its life, and seems to be doing quite well. It appears that this particular fox was born without its back legs and has managed to get around despite the physical setback.

The spotting of this front-wheel-drive fur ball happened in a town called Derbyshire in England. A couple looked out in their backyard garden and were surprised to see the fox make its way around without back legs.

It appears that the animal has adapted to walk as if performing a handstand, which must take incredible arm and abdominal strength. At one point, the fox even lowers its back end down level with ground as it really starts to sniff and dig its nose into the grass.

As you watch it walk around the yard, you do feel for it. The two-legged fox must live a pretty rough life, though it is reassuring to see that it has made it this long. A less fortunate animal like this fox usually doesn’t have a great chance of survival in the wild considering that it is harder to find food, and easier for it to be food for other predators.

Regardless, this fox is tough as nails, and if only someone could get that thing a back set of wheels, the little thing could probably the most hard-nosed animal in all of England. If it has made it this long, clearly it has some things figured out.

The video below shows the fox as it wanders around the England backyard, and the captions of the clip read:

“A family in Derbyshire, England spotted the animal looking for food in their garden in December. According to homeowners Phil and Jane Carter, foxes often visit them, and this one stayed for about 45 minutes.

They put out some food, but they haven’t seen it since.”

And they haven’t seen it since because its out there in the Animal Kingdom kicking ass (figuratively, I’m not sure if it would be possible literally).

The video was also shared on Twitter, and the users in the comments were clearly rooting for the two-legged fox:

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