Watch Koe Wetzel’s Mom Julie Belt Out A Killer Cover Of Patsy Cline’s “She’s Got You”

Koe Wetzel and his mother Julie
Instagram/Koe Wetzel

Clearly, music runs in the family.

After returning from HWY30 Fest, I have found myself in a rabbit hole of Koe Wetzel videos from the past and present. Watching how his stage presence has changed, how his shows have evolved, and just enjoying Koe’s music.

As I was in the thick of watching some of his old videos back from 2011 when he was competing in FFA singing competitions, my suggested next watch popped up with a video titled “Julie Wetzel – ‘She’s Got You.'”

Now, given that I don’t know too many people with the last name Wetzel have the following thoughts going through my head.

“No way. Is this Koe’s mom? Am I dumb for needing to fact-check this? She’s got some pipes.” 

To answer those questions: Yes, Julie Wetzel is Koe’s mom. I may be living under a small rock to have needed to double-check. She indeed can sing….like really well.

This video from 2011 features Julie Wetzel killing a cover of the Patsy Cline tune “She’s Got You” – and just shows the unbridled musical talent that Koe grew up around, which I’m sure played some influence on his career choice.

She sings the lyrics with so much soul and vocal control. You’re going to want to watch his.

Could there be a Koe and Julie Wetzel collaboration in the future? A classic country cover with these two would bring the house down.

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