Lukas Nelson & POTR Drop New Music Video For “Alcohallelujah”

Lukas Nelson country music
Lukas Nelson/Youtube

Lukas Nelson & POTR have a brand new music video out today for “Alcohallelujah.”

From their forthcoming Sticks and Stones record, it’s a clever and cheeky little tune written by Lukas that is equal parts heavy and introspective as it is really damn fun, which they perfectly (and creatively) capture in the music video, too.

It finds him praying to God that he can get help with his drinking problem, while also acknowledging the fun parts of consuming alcohol, and he also throws in a reference to his father, Willie Nelson’s, “Whiskey River,” which of course I love:

“Coast clear, crack a beer
We been kissin’, whiskey river
Take my mind again
Wash away my sin
Caught a little luck
The door’s a little stuck
Maybe ‘fore we leave the truck
We can have a real quick…”

And the music video features a man drinking mimosas and playing volleyball with some nuns, only to realize that his drinking habit may not really be a very good thing.

I won’t give away any spoilers, though, so make sure you check it out here:

Lukas previously released the title track, as well as the lead single with Lainey Wilson called “More Than Friends,” which just recently went #1 on the Americana charts and is easily one of my favorite singles released so far this year.

Sticks and Stones will be out everywhere very soon on July 14th, and stands to be one of the best projects put put in 2023.

“More Than Friends”

“Sticks and Stones”

Sticks and Stones tracklist:

1. Sticks and Stones
2. Alcohallelujah
3. Every Time I Drink
4. More Than Friends feat. Lainey Wilson
5. Ladder of Love
6. Wrong House
7. Icarus
8. If I Didn’t Love You
9. Overpass
10. Lying
11. All Four Winds
12. The View

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock