Lukas Nelson & POTR Drop Title Track To Forthcoming ‘Sticks And Stones’ Album

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Lukas Nelson & POTR simply do not miss.

A couple days ago, they released the title track to their forthcoming Sticks and Stones record, which they’ve been playing at their live shows for quite a while now and fans have been begging them to officially release.

It’s a solid song that definitely makes a statement about the theme of the new project as a whole, and the title pretty much gives it away in that the Lukas-penned tune is about not being affected by words or things in life that don’t really matter.

“You guys have been asking for this one for awhile. We play it live but now you can stream it too! The title track from our upcoming album, ‘Stick sand Stones,’ is available now!

Click the link in the bio to stream ‘Stick sand Stones,’ and don’t forget to pre-save the album.”

They previously released the lead single with Lainey Wilson called “More Than Friends,” which just recently went #1 on the Americana charts and is easily one of my favorite singles released so far this year.

And actually, the entire album was written solely by Lukas, who is of course the son of legendary singer-songwriter Willie Nelson,  and he says it’s a departure from the heaviness and introspective nature of their previous 2021 album A Few Stars Apart:

“This album is about celebrating the human connection, joy and excitement. We went from quiet and introspective on ‘A Few Stars Apart’ to something big and fun to really showcase the band’s talent and performance.

You can listen to the album ‘Sticks and Stones’ from start to finish and get the songs to dance to and then the quiet, poignant songs. To me, this album is the perfect setlist.”

The record is slated to drop here soon on July 14th, and stands to be one of the best projects put put in 2023.

“Sticks and Stones”

“More Than Friends”


Sticks And Stones tracklist:

1. Sticks and Stones
2. Alcohallelujah
3. Every Time I Drink
4. More Than Friends feat. Lainey Wilson
5. Ladder of Love
6. Wrong House
7. Icarus
8. If I Didn’t Love You
9. Overpass
10. Lying
11. All Four Winds
12. The View

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