“It Was Both Of Us… Because Of Me” – Bill Belichick Set The Record Straight During The Roast Of Tom Brady

Bill Belichick

The roast of Tom Brady did not disappoint.

There were plenty of highlights from Netflix’s live roast of the GOAT, and I’ve got to say Tom handled it all rather well. Brady was hit with a barrage of bruising jabs from some of the funniest people on the planet.

For the most part, there were no punches held during the night. The only thing that was somewhat of a close call was when “Roastmaster” Jeff Ross made a massage joke directed towards New England Patriots owner Rober Kraft. Tom even stood up to intervene on that one.

But the highlight of the night was when Brady’s former head coach (and partner for six Super Bowls) Bill Belichick came out on stage. He didn’t appear with the rest of the roasters initially, so many were concerned that the head coach had ended up bowing out of the roast.

However, the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California went crazy when none other than Will Ferrell in character as Ron Burgundy introduced Bill Belichick. The often stone-faced Belichick came out to the Darth Vader theme song, and opened up his set with a great line:

After starting out hot right out of the gates, the former Patriots coach made sure to clear the air on what streaming platform he was appearing on.

While doing so, he made sure to take a dig at a documentary that wasn’t so kind to the now jobless former NFL coach:

Belichick then set his sights on the legendary tight end Rob Gronkowski. Bill brought up that he used to tell all of his teams that winning was as simple as doing their respective jobs.

“Do your job” was a mantra that Bill shared often, but this time around, he made sure to tell Gronk that he should consider… well not doing his job:


Bill was shockingly comfortable up at the roast podium, and really stuck the landing when he got around to roasting Tom Brady. The entire arena gasped with laughter when Belichick dropped this roast-bomb right on the GOAT:

And because Bill had no choice but to address the conversation about who mattered more to the success of the Patriots dynasty (Bill or Tom), Belichick finished off his hilarious set by setting the record straight:

“For all of you out there that think about who’s responsible for the Patriots’ success during the time Tom and I were there. Was it Brady? Was it me? Was it Brady? Was it me? In reality, the truth of the matter is it was both of us —because of me.”

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