Zach Bryan Performs Unreleased “Hey, Driver” Last Night At Red Rocks Amphitheatre


Another fantastic moment from the Zach Bryan Red Rocks show.

Zach Bryan’s discography is pretty extensive given his short amount of time laying down studio recordings, but that doesn’t even skim the surface of unreleased songs that Bryan has.

Not to mention his recent news that a new album is underway, so there’s no telling how many songs are located in his songbook. But, on this upcoming album, Bryan has noted that he is keeping the tracklist short and sweet with eleven songs.

Given that his Instagram post contained ten clips, we have a pretty good idea of this album’s sound – and tracklist.

Of course, there’s still one song that we don’t know (assuming the 10 songs he posted all make the album, and he keeps it to eleven songs as promised).

Well to add a cherry on top of this cake, Bryan sang one of his unreleased songs during the first of two nights at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado last night.

“Hey, Driver” is a song Bryan put up on his YouTube channel last month. And while the acoustic version he recorded features melodies from a banjo and guitar, the version he brought to Red Rocks had much more grit, giving the song more dimension with a stomp and holler feel – along with highlighting some female harmonizing vocals

During his Red Rocks performance of the song, you can hear the crowd already singing along in the background, just showing how much time these hardcore dedicated Zach Bryan fans spend on YouTube listening to these unreleased songs religiously.

And while the demo was not included in the 10 songs that Zach posted on Instagram, that doesn’t mean it’s out of the running to be the final track on the album (that is, if he is sticking to eleven songs). And since he’s performed it live, maybe it’s even the favorite for that 11th song now?

Regardless of whether it makes the tracklist or not, this song deserves some stage time.

One line in the lyrics leads me to believe this was written shortly after his breakup, and it packs a punch.

“All the love I’ve had worth givin’ was all spent on my song.”

I hope we see this one on the record.

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Just for fun, here is the video he uploaded to YouTube too.

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