Zach Bryan Shares 10 Song Clips, Says New Album “Soon”

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Zach Bryan, in the midst of his 2023 Burn, Burn, Burn Tour, took to social media to tease that a new album is on its way. He just recently wrapped up two shows at Forrest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York, with the next stop being at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado.

Based on the location that is linked to Bryan’s Instagram post, it appears that he and his band have made it there, and the open-air atmosphere might’ve inspired him to open up on social media.

Screen recordings of 10 separate audio files were shared by Bryan, with the simple caption:

“Album soon.. this one was for me. I do not care if you like it.”

There aren’t any visuals to go with the 10 teaser tracks that the 27-year-old country star released, but the audio is more than enough to get super fans and casual fans alike excited for new music from Bryan.

Many fans are expecting the new project to be somewhat of a “break-up album” with Zach’s recent split from his girlfriend, but Bryan has never struggled to wear his heart on his sleeve with his music, so the idea that he could work through a tough time in his life like this one and encapsulate it into an album is definitely intriguing.

Whatever the subject material, it’s going to be honest, authentic, and unapologetically “Zach.”

Take a listen through the 10 files that were shared and see if you hear anything familiar from the songwriting mastermind (and considering the pace he can write them at, mad man could be inserted there too):

Earlier this month, Bryan shared a teaser of him busy in the studio working while the unreleased song “Tourniquet” plays in the background.

Fans were thrilled to know that the “Something In The Orange” singer was working on new music, and the caption of the tweet seemed to throw out that this new album might be a change of pace for some.

Bryan shared the video on Twitter with the caption:

“Some’ll love it, some’ll hate it everything will be okay either way”

And I can’t help but remember another social media interaction that got a lot of attention back in April.

Of course, everyone knows that his most recent album American Heartbreak featured a massive 34-song track list, which solidified Bryan’s impressive songwriting ability.

However, when a fan reached out on Twitter to the country star to ask about a total number of songs featured in a potential upcoming project, Bryan responded with this:

“11 baby I’m in my quality over quantity era”

I can’t help but notice that the number of songs he shared on Instagram was one less than that mark, but maybe he’s holding one out as a surprise to fans?

Zach Bryan always seems to have an ace up his sleeve, that is if he doesn’t forget to use it:

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