Morgan Wallen Makes Two-Time Cancer Survivor’s Day With Picture At Chicago Show

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Check that one off the list.

19-year old Karlie Hey is battling a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing sarcoma in her spine. But she wasn’t going to let that stop her from seeing Morgan Wallen when he finally brought his One Night At a Time World Tour to Wrigley Field in Chicago.

According to Rush University Children’s Hospital, Karlie and her friend got tickets for the show for Christmas. But unfortunately, in February Karlie began experiencing back pain and found out that her cancer had come back.

Despite the relapse and chemotherapy, Karlie was still determined to make it to Morgan’s show – even after it was rescheduled due to the singer having to take 6 weeks of vocal rest.

So this past weekend, Karlie got ready in the hospital with the help of her nurses and care team and set off to see Morgan Wallen at Wrigley Field.

According to Karlie, it wasn’t how she planned on starting her trip, even after undergoing treatment for the last 3 years:

“I didn’t think I’d be getting ready in the hospital, but after living here for the last 3 years, I wouldn’t expect anything else.”

She made it to the show though, and had a sign ready to go:

Beat Cancer X2
Picture w/Morgan Wallen”

And thanks to Morgan and some fans around her, Karlie was able to check the second item off of her list too.

During the show, fans helped Karlie make her way to the front of the stage to get Morgan’s attention. And when the singer spotted her sign, he stopped the show and went over to Karlie to make sure that they got their picture together.

@ajfraz3♬ original sound – Ajfraz3

Karlie posted on Instagram after the concert, showing off her picture with Morgan from the stage.

Gotta love it. And good on Morgan for making this young fan’s day.

Keep fighting Karlie, you got this.

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