Southall Announces New Single, “Scared Money,” Out This Week

Read Southall Band

Their first single with the new name.

Read Southall Band, now just known as Southall, announced they are releasing a new single Friday titled “Scared Money.”

Over the past week, the band has been teasing that a new project was on the horizon, with hints from video clips with nothing but a date in the caption, but nothing was fully disclosed till yesterday.

The band released a collage of pictures revealing the title’s name along with a clip of the single today.

“Our new single, “Scared Money,” will be available to the world this Friday! Pre-save it today through the link in our bio.”

The track clip gives off a ’70s rock with a western flare to it; it reminds me of some old Rolling Stones meets Lynyrd Skynyrd. The song’s sound follows classic Southall vocals but with a fresh take on the melodies.

I must confess… I have watched this video on a loop since I started writing this. The beat is so catchy, and the delivery of the lyrics will instantaneously get stuck in your head.

I hope the week flies by so I can blast this all New Music Friday.

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