More Than 1,000 Dolly Parton Look-Alikes Gathered In Ireland To Try & Break World Record

Dolly Parton contest

No, you aren’t seeing double.

What you are seeing is an attempt by a town in Ireland called Listowel to break the world record for “Most People Dressed as a Country Music Icon in One Place.”

Around 1,100 people dressed up like Dolly Parton and made their way to Frank Sheehy Park so that the town could hopefully hold the strange world record.

It was cowboy hats and curly blonde wigs as far as the eye could see after the town carefully planned and promoted the event. A sea of people dressed in “head-to-toe Dolly” flooded the town’s soccer (football) field to celebrate “Dolly Day,” which helped to aid Kerry Hospice and Comfort for Chemo Kerry cancer charities.

The excitement was evident in the crowd with participants happy to help out the good cause, and more than happy to look like country music legend Dolly Parton for the day.

The festivities were only broken up for a short period of time during the day when a rain shower passed through the Ireland town. Many that were dressed up for the world record attempt popped their balloon portion of their costumes, which represented…well you know what they represented.

And the highlight of the gathering had to be when the one thousand Dollys sang “9 to 5” at the top of their lungs, and though they didn’t match the powerful and iconic vocals of Parton, they didn’t sound half bad.

Seeing that many people dressed up as Dolly Parton was undoubtedly a unique experience for the Listowel natives. The town will unfortunately not know if the obtained the world record for about eight to twelve weeks, but they should have a pretty good chance considering their turnout.

If they failed to get enough people there, they will at least be able to say that they gave it their all while surrounded by hundreds of other Dolly Partons, and they helped to aid cancer charities within the community.

Take a look at the video below, which discusses some of the requirements of the world record attempt:

Gotta love it.

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