John Daly Pulls Up To Pit At Kenny Chesney Concert In A Golf Cart

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John Daly is legendary sports figure, and whether you like it or not, is a glistening representation of the peak male form.

He presented himself to the world as a professional golfer in the late 1980’s by speaking his mind and wearing bright colored and patterned outfits, and he has grown his reputation ever further by drinking beer, smoking cigs, and parking his RV outside of Hooter’s restaurants to sign autographs.

If you haven’t figured it out already, Daly pretty much does anything and everything he wants to, whenever he wants to. That’s why he was able to use a golf cart during the 2019 PGA Championship, while every other competitor walked:

The man just loves golf carts, and why wouldn’t he? For not so great golfers, driving the cart around for the 18 hole round is sometimes the most enjoyable part of the golfing experience.

That love for a vehicle dedicated solely to transporting golfers extends past the golf course for John Daly, as it appears to be his go-to choice for seating at concerts as well.

A picture has gone viral over the weekend of Daly pulling up to the pit of a Kenny Chesney concert in a golf cart, and then taking in the show from the comfort and cushion of the open air vehicle.

Makes sense to me. Why bother driving somewhere and then getting out to walk to your seat when the thing that you are driving can just be your seat? John Daly practically made this Chesney concert a Drive-In experience.

Kenny Chesney was playing at a stage set up on the En-Joie Golf Course in Endicott, New York as a part of his “I Go Back 2023” tour when the iconic golfer and alcohol consumer decided to drop by the only way he knows how.

The vibes were off the charts as Daly drove in on his golf course chariot, and considering that the performance was technically held “green side,” there is a chance that Daly might’ve just finished up a round of golf before he decided to stop in to enjoy some music from the country star.

Take a look:

John Daly might be on to something here…

Anyone else find the idea of driving a golf cart to a concert pretty intriguing? I’d sign up for one, and I think Daly could start it up as another business venture of his.

John Daly Allegedly Had A Secret Room In Jon Gruden’s Office Inside The Hooters Office

We all know and love John Daly as arguably the wildest professional golfer to ever walk this planet.

We’re talking about a guy who would party his ass off all night long, and still make it to his tee time for a PGA golf tournament the next day. He even won two major championships doing this.

Not to mention, the guy is a Hooters legend, belly-flop champ, and could drink 30-40 beers a day and THEN get started on the liquor.

Oh yeah, and he has a country album as well.

The man was built in a lab. He is not human.

Caleb Pressley from Barstool Sports was the latest guest on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast, and they actually discussed the few encounters they’ve had with the legend himself.

Von recalled watching Daly have to get carried out of a RESTAURANT… no, not a bar, a restaurant… in downtown Nashville one night:

“I saw John Daly overdose on gin one night, and had to get carried out of a restaurant. Not even a bar.”

After Von shared the story, Pressley told the story about how he discovered Daly’s secret room in the Hooters headquarters, that was actually tucked away inside former NFL coach John Gruden’s office.

Pressley told the story about his early days at Barstool, and he was trying to figure out good content for the company. He decided he was going to hunt down Jon Gruden, and just talk to him.

After doing some research, he discovered that Gruden’s office was located at the Hooter’s corporate office near Tampa, Florida, and that’s when he found Daly’s secret hiding spot:

“I went into the corporate office, and I was like ‘I’m here to see Jon Gruden.’ By the way the corporate office of Hooters… So I go in there and was like ‘I wanna go see Jon Gruden,’ and they just take me back to his office.

He wasn’t there, but his assistant gave me a tour… And they were like ‘This is John Daly’s room.’ And I was like ‘What do you mean John Daly’s room?’ And they open it up and it was like, you know ‘Chronicles of Narnia,’ the wall has a bunch of books that you can open? 

It was literally that and you push it open, and it was a very small room smaller than this room, and it had a mattress on the floor, and a little putting thing, and I guess John Daly lives in there, in Jon Gruden’s office inside the Hooter’s headquarters.”

So, little did we know that John Daly has a secret room in the corporate office of Hooter’s, where he can go and sober up after a long day and night of partying his ass off across the street at the Hooters restaurant.

This sounds like something a rockstar would have set up, and definitely not a professional golfer.

But hey, ol’ John ain’t like the others… and that’s why he’s a legend.

You can check out the full podcast here:

Fun fact: Jon Gruden once caddied for John Daly at the PODS Championship in 2008 (which explains the cover photo). Jon, who was the coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the time, was chilling in the Hooters Owl’s Nest, where he ran into Daly, who asked him if he wanted to caddie the next round.

And another fun fact: Gruden was a cook at Hooters in the ’80s…


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