John Daly Proves Everything He Does Is Epic With Monster Belly Flop: “That’s A F*cking Belly Flop”

John Daly Golf

Rule number one:

Don’t ever challenge John Daly to a belly flop competition.

The PGA Tour legend is known for rippin’ cigs, pounding 40 beers plus whiskey back in his hay day, spending some quality time at Hooters, and hitting the golf ball a damn country mile.

Oh yeah, and he plays a little country music alongside Willie Nelson too.

Needless to say, the dude is an absolute legend, and has lived his life nothing short of full-throttle, and he proved it once again as video footage has surfaced of the two-time major champ absolutely obliterating his stomach while doing a belly flop.

For 5’11” and only 215 pounds (even though he got up to over 320 pounds back in the day), the man can make quite a splash.

Now we all know once thing’s for certain about belly flops, and it’s that they hurt like hell.

However, I wouldn’t put it past Daly to have been at least 30 beers deep at this point, so he probably didn’t feel a thing.

He yells:

“That’s a fucking belly flop!”

Like I said… LEGEND.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock