Shane Smith Shares His Craziest Post-Concert Fan Interaction: “I Flew Out Of The Jeep”

Shane Smith
Whiskey Riff

Shane Smith is good people.

The front man of Shane Smith & the Saints took some time to chat with us at Whiskey Riff during HWY30 Music Fest and let us in on how he writes his music, when we can expect a new project (soon), what he does outside of music, and most importantly, some of the wild tales that come up while touring hard on the road.

While he told us a few, and wouldn’t go into detail on a whole bunch of others, the story of a night gone wrong in Stanley, Idaho absolutely took the top prize.

Here’s how he remembers it.

“We always play Stanley, Idaho and we’ve kind of created a road family out there… We played a show, I’m pretty tossed at this point, the guys are all pretty trashed and later that night this kid is like “Hey I’ve got a Jeep, let’s go travel around some old roads” and I’m like alright, sounds great. What could go wrong here?

We hop in this Jeep and it’s got no doors, no top. We start driving and this kid is like, essentially like blacking out at this point after sitting down and driving. I’m realizing like oh dude, he’s not even here anymore. 

He just like, starts hauling ass on this road and we wreck this Jeep… I flew out of the Jeep. It didn’t mess me up or anything but it was like that moment of like “Okay… This could have gone so horribly wrong.”

He was so horribly upset about it. The next day he came up to the bar and found me and was like “Dude, take the keys. It’s yours however many more days you’re here on your off days. You use it or whatever, I’m so sorry.”

And so I did, I used that son of a bitch, I took it like all over these old mining roads. I still see him up there and I’m like, dude…”

Talk about a moment that goes from glorious to almost gruesome in just moments…

Obviously, that’s why you don’t drink and drive, but my goodness what a story that he’ll never forget.

Who knew Shane Smith was such a wild man? Also, actually taking that guy’s Jeep and going off-roading with it is a baller move. Props to both guys for letting that happen.

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Here’s Shane Smith & The Saints latest single “Fire On The Ocean” like from Red Rocks.

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