Whiskey Myers’ Two Night Run At Red Rocks Was Pure Magic

Whiskey Myers country music
Sean Jernigan/YouTube

Oh what I would have done to see Whiskey Myers at Red Rocks these last couple of nights…

Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado is a bucket list concert venue for any music fan. The unique concert setting has a capacity of around 9,500, and based on the pictures and videos from Whiskey Myers’ two night stay the amphitheater, I’d say the die hard country rock fans filled it up.

Whiskey Myers’ 2023 tour kicked off in the beginning of June, and fans had the 14th and 15th at the historic venue circled ever since the band announced their tour dates. And the fans weren’t the only ones excited for the country rock group to grace the stage…

Guitarist John Jeffers had even excitingly commented on the two night stay at the open air venue once they announced their tour dates, saying:

“Red Rocks had always been a bucket-list venue for us, to the point where we didn’t even go see a show there as fans, because we wanted our first time seeing it to be from the stage as headliners.

For our fans to share that excitement with us the way they did was a magical experience and we can’t wait to do it again, twice this summer.”

And based on this “hype video” that the band put out the day before their first night at Red Rocks, they were chomping at the bit to get there and bring their unique southern sound to the unique, chiseled-into-nature venue.

Take a look:

The video pulled footage from the band’s debut Red Rocks performance last year, which sold out in a single day. Judging by the pictures that the genre-bending band shared from their first night’s performance, I’d say they managed to continue the sell-out streak:

“Y’all’s energy was unmatched last night at Red Rocks! Let’s make it even better tonight.”

Their second night at Red Rocks just so happened to be the venue’s 82nd anniversary of opening up to the music world, which they celebrated accordingly by packing the rocks full of crazed fans once again.

Whiskey Myers asked their followers to bring the energy, and that’s exactly what they did:

“What a way to celebrate Red Rocks’ 82nd Birthday!”

And a TikTok video that was shared of the band’s performance of their hit song “Stone” during the band’s Red Rocks visit has garnered a lot of attention. The slow build up of the tune with the backdrop of the beautiful venue created an unreal atmosphere.

One that I’m still extremely jealous that I missed out on. Check it out:

And just listening to the crowd carrying the entire first verse of “Broken Window Serenade.” Pure magic.

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