Ben Burgess Releases New Song, A Tribute To The Outlaw Spirit Of Willie Nelson, “The Willie”

Ben Burgess country music
Ben Burgess/Youtube

Ben Burgess is back with another new tune.

He dropped a single called “The Willie” yesterday, which is a tribute to the red headed stranger of sorts where Ben explains that it’s ultimately his outlaw sprit, akin to that of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, that keeps him from being able to stay in a relationship for too long.

A solo write by Ben, the chorus perfectly captures the concept and essence of the song:

“Blame it on the Willie
Or the Waylon in my veins
Baby, I’m a mustang
That you just can’t tame
They call me the twister
‘Cuz I’m just passin’ through
So darlin’ forgive me
And blame it on the Willie”

Ben also previously mentioned that his goal is to release 22 songs this year, so he’s got two down and at least 20 more to go after also putting out a song called “Silverado Blues” a couple weeks ago.

And seeing as he released his debut studio album Tears the Size of Texas last year, it sounds like there could potentially even be another project in the works to come out at some point this year.

Check it out:

“The Willie”

“Silverado Blues”

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