Who Is Baby Gronk? And Why His Clout-Chasing Dad Is The Absolute Worst

Baby Gronk
Baby Gronk

Everyone knows the name “Gronk,” but are you familiar with the child nicknamed “Baby Gronk?”

You’ve probably had a couple of conversation with others about “Baby Gronk,” and you might have even lied your way through the discussion and hit the other person with a couple of “that’s crazy’s,” as one does when they want to get out of a conversation.

It actually takes a lot of weird, niche information to understand the entire situation, so I’ve done my best to gather as much on the topic as possible below.

Unless you are active on TikTok, a very avid member of the online meme culture, and sort of into sports or at least college football recruiting, there’s a chance you know nothing about all of this.

I know I didn’t until I got so frustrated seeing “Livvy rizzed up Baby Gronk” so many times (not understanding any of it) that I had to finally look into it for my mental health and well being.

Now I kind of wish that I didn’t…

Long story short, “Baby Gronk’s” actual name is Madden San Miguel, and the 10-year-old is somewhat of a self-proclaimed football prodigy. He definitely is if you ask his father.

Thanks to his size, skill, restrictive clean diet, and his Dad sliding into the DMs of pretty much any and every social media influencer, “Baby Gronk” has already visited 20 different college football programs, including the likes of Power 5 schools such as LSU, Kentucky, and Louisville.

All I will say is that I knew plenty of kids when I was younger who had early growth spurts and then leveled out, so I would be kind of concerned recruiting a 10-year-old kid.

Just based on appearances and endorsements, the elder San Miguel said that “Baby Gronk” is bringing in around $100,000 a year annually. The father is “reportedly” putting that money away for “Baby Gronk” in case the football thing doesn’t work out.

Notice how I said reportedly in quotation marks. That’s me recklessly speculating that the father who is exploiting his son is probably spending a little bit of that dough that his kid is bringing in.

Now, getting to the meme that swept the internet, you probably wouldn’t mind to know what “Livvy rizzed up Baby Gronk” means.

Let’s break it down one portion at a time.

First, “Livvy” is referring to Oliva Dunne, a famous internet and TikTok personality who also happens to be an LSU gymnast and highly paid NIL athlete. This “totally not staged” interaction was posted within the last couple of weeks, with Olivia apparently helping to recruit the 10-year-old to come to LSU for college (you know, 8 years from now).

Remember that he is in 4th grade…

Now getting to the word “rizzed.” Don’t worry if you feel old or “out of the loop” not knowing it. I’m 24 years old and I had to look it up too.

Simply put, “rizz” is short for charisma, and contextually “rizzed up” is used to say that someone can flirt or “spit mad game.” Sorry, I don’t have enough time to translate that as well…

Finally, we have “Baby Gronk,” which is the focus of this article and someone you hopefully know a little bit more about by now.

Considering that Olivia Dunne is a rather popular influencer, the 10-year-old is now being called a “Rizz King” and/or a “Drip King” for allegedly being “rizzed up” or even doing a little “rizzing” himself when he met Livvy.

What the hell am I even saying right now?

Before you totally check out reading the word “rizz” over and over again, we’ll finish with this recent interview on the Bring the Juice podcast where the father of “Baby Gronk” went full cringe and fed his child answers for every single question that was asked:

I really hope “Baby Gronk” doesn’t get ruined by all of this like most child stars do…

And I know I said that would be the last thing, but I do have just one more thing to add. Like I mentioned earlier, “Baby Gronk’s” Dad is sending direct messages to anyone and everyone that has their messaging open on Twitter and Instagram.

ESPN’s Ashley Brewer posted a screenshot of a message she got from the “Baby Gronk” Instagram account.

And everyone’s favorite golf influencer Paige Spiranac joined in on the fun, showing that she too had received a message from the child prodigy (which is most definitely typed up by his Dad).

Is “Baby Gronk” trying to “rizz up” Paige Spiranac?

Goodness gracious, I’ve got to stop…

Right after I link this video to how the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast handled their interaction with “Baby Gronk.”

Take a look:

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