Mule Deer Buck & House Cat Become Unlikely Friends, Have A Blast Together

Mule deer buck and cat friends
Viral Hog

Not gonna lie, I’m fully convinced now that cats aren’t scared of anything.

I mean c’mon, they scale trees, houses, and just about anything they can jump up on, even though it’s borderline creepy.

But not only are they not afraid of heights…

They’re also not afraid of deer, too.

And I’m not talking about Bambi, or a doe, we’re talking about a big mule deer buck.

This video took place in Elkford, British Columbia, Canada, and involved a run in with the videographer’s cat, Shadow, and a buck.

They shared in the description:

“My cat, Shadow, decided to surprise a mule deer buck. This happened in my neighbor’s front yard with us watching. This is not the first time our cat played with this deer.”

In the video, you can see Shadow jump up and claw at the buck’s hind legs, startling the buck.

However, it was all love after that, as the two played together for a bit, with the buck sniffing Shadow as it laid on its back.

Towards the end of the video, the buck flips over Shadow with its leg, and Shadow darts off into the distance.

Just a little heartwarming video for your Wednesday.

Little did I know that cats and deer can be best friends. Ya learn something new everyday, I guess.

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